EuroMillions worth £105 Million Today

EuroMillions has crossed the one hundred million jackpot amount. The total lottery jackpot awaiting the eventual winner is now worth an estimated £105,000,000 and guaranteed to climb even further as lottery players pile in today to win this massive jackpot.It has now been 10 consecutive lottery rollovers on EuroMillion Lottery where players have not been able to win the main prize. UK EuroMillion players had the consolation of twenty-five Millionaire Raffle tickets to aim for via the New Year draw.

Winning tickets for that special Millionaire Raffle draw are cropping up all over the country including a lottery syndicate of steel workers at the SSI steel plant in Redcar Middlesbrough which had a similar win less than 3 months ago. On this occasion 27 workers who formed a lottery syndicate will share £1 Million between them.

The main prize though is still waiting for a lucky lottery player to win it and as pointed out is now worth £105 Million. As it is a Tuesday draw of EuroMillions it tends to be less busy than the Friday draw for some reason, the odds of winning are slightly better. That is the theory in any event.

The last time EuroMillions crossed the £100 Million mark was some time ago, there is bound to be a surge of activity on the lottery game later today. As ever we always recommend buying lottery tickets online plus getting them early to avoid disappointment.

Lottery websites and terminals at stores are known to fail when demand for lottery tickets are high, and if you are not in it you simply can not win it. To play online visit the EuroMillion Home Page here.

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