EuroMillions Won By French Player

EuroMillion Lottery Online

The £184 Million EuroMillions has gotten won, a fortunate French EuroMillions Lottery player. The player has managed to pick up a single ticket win on the draw on Friday 15 October 2021.

UK Winners Still Become Millionaires

The win, of course, will be paid out in Euros and not British Pounds and is worth a massive €220.000,000 in prize money. Although French lottery players are not strangers to winning lottery jackpots, this has been the first significant lottery win to be claimed in France in some time.

It seems that Portuguese, Spanish, and UK Lottery players have dominated EuroMillion draws in recent times. The best-placed UK result was a second-tier prize result. That, of course, means that a player got five numbers a one lucky star correct.

Four UK EuroMillion Lottery tickets managed to get this result. Each lottery ticket will get rewarded with a share of just over £14 Million in prize money which means they are millionaires. It is in part due to prize money filtering down as the EuroMillions Prize Cap had gotten reached.

Six UK EuroMillion players also managed to get a result in the 3rd tier prize area. That is matching five numbers. Each player will get rewarded with a share in the prize tier worth £162,542,40 in prize money.

Therefore, the French EuroMillions win means that EuroMillion Lottery does reset to its basic level of £14,000,000.00 for the next draw taking place this coming Tuesday.

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