EuroMillions Win for Portuguese Lottery Player

EuroMillions Win for Portuguese Lottery Player
EuroMilhoes Winner

A EuroMillions Lottery jackpot worth £150,000,000 has been won by a Portuguese Lottery player in a single lottery ticket win on Friday 24 October 2014.

The fortunate jackpot winner of the massive lottery prize has not yet stepped forward to claim the lottery jackpot, media speculation is rife in Portugal as to who the winner is.

The winning amount in Euros is worth €190,000,000 which is of course the currency that the lucky winner will be paid in.

Euromilhoes as it is known in Portugal is managed by Jogos Santa Casa.

The winner of this massive EuroMillion Lottery jackpot will need to contact Jogos Santa Casa to claim the win within the specified amount of time.

The winning lottery ticket was purchased in the small Portuguese town of Castelo Branco.

That name literally means White Castle and if the winner is a resident of the small town, they can now literally erect their very own castle.

The second tier prize for matching 5 EuroMillion numbers and 1 Lucky Star was also worth a life changing amount.

Four UK EuroMillion players managed to get this result and each of the lucky lottery players walked away with a cash prize of £1,617,162.40.

All of the attention though this week will be on the winner of the massive EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot. As stated above, the winner has yet to come forward to claim the prize.

We do hope that this is simply a case of getting arrangements into order before making the claim.

There is also the small matter of paying taxes on the win. Portugal is one of very few countries who tax winners of EuroMillion prizes above a certain amount tax.

Since the massive win took place there has been another draw on EuroMillion Lottery which has also been won by a French EuroMillions player for €15,000,000.

Attention though remains fixed on the earlier EuroMillion Lottery draw and this will continue until such time that the winner steps forward to claim the lottery jackpot.

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