EuroMillions Has It all This Week

EuroMillions and lottery players have had a tumultuous week. Apart from the EuroMillion Lottery jackpot growing to £26 Million total, there is a lot of other news related to the popular lottery game that needs to be digested.

EuroMillions Lottery winner from the Ladywood area of Birmingham

The first of the lottery happenings this week is a happy one. Colin and Chris Weir are the owners of the title of the biggest winners of the EuroMillion Lottery in the United Kingdom. This week it has been reported that they donated £28,000 to help a girl who suffered from diplegic cerebral palsy, which means she has never walked unaided. Due to this donation, she can have an operation that was not available on the NHS due to the donation.

This is not the first time the generous Wiers have dipped into their fortune to help. They have proven to be generous winners; it is a heartwarming story to share. The not-so-lovely news is that a second winning couple seems to be breaking up a little over two years after winning a fortune on EuroMillions.

Dave and Angela Dawes won £101 Million on the lottery game; it seems that the pressure of winning a lottery has taken its toll on their relationship. This news comes hot on the heels of our other report on the couple from Wisbech, who won £148 Million and has also split up just over a year after winning this fortune.

Our last Lottery issue for the day is one that we see repeatedly. A EuroMillions Lottery winner from the Ladywood area of Birmingham has a matter of days to claim a £12 Million Lottery jackpot before the period for claiming the jackpot expires.

We have previously covered this win and are amazed that the win has not yet been claimed. The win came from a draw on the 31st of May 2013 and was part of a special Millionaire Raffle draw that guaranteed the winner of the Raffle a Million Pounds per month for twelve months.

Camelot is now in the Ladywood area, hoping to find the winner, but it does seem that after a while like this, the winner will not step forward. This is a shame as the money will be lost to a fund instead of going to a lottery winner. We do hope that the winner can be located.

All of this and a jackpot of over £20 Million to play for tonight. Make sure you have your lottery tickets, and please make sure you check the results.

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