EuroMillions Up to £42 Million after 4th Rollover

EuroMillions once again escaped the clutches of Lottery players worldwide and for the 4th consecutive draw no one managed to win the main prize. This means that the lottery jackpot has now grown to be worth £42,000,000.

UK EuroMillion players had a distinctly unlucky Tuesday draw with the best placed results seeing players only manage to match 5 numbers. Five UK Lottery players managed to get this and each of the players win an amount of £29,211.20. In total 9 players matched 5 lottery numbers.

Three Lottery players did manage to get 5 numbers and one lucky star on the draw.Each of these players won €378,942. The Millionaire Raffle details for last nights draw are as follows : NTT869875

The next EuroMillion Lottery draw on Friday will be a lot more popular now that the jackpot has risen and given the fact that this is the fourth rollover of the lottery, this is the time to start hedging your bets and making sure that you have a lottery ticket for the draw.

To view all the results for EuroMillions please visit our EuroMillion Lottery Results page here.


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