EuroMillions UK Winner

EuroMillions Mega DrawThe recent EuroMillions Mega Lottery Game Jackpot worth £113 million has been won. This huge lottery jackpot prize has been won by two separate lottery tickets.

One of the winning EuroMillion Lottery tickets originated from Spain whilst the other winning lottery ticket was bought in the United Kingdom.

It has still not yet been established as to whether the winner in the United Kingdom is part of a EuroMillion Lottery Syndicate or if it is a single winner.

If it is a single person lottery win,it will break the record for a lottery prize won by a single person in the United Kingdom.We can expect there to be a media frenzy until such time that the UK winner is announced.

The lottery numbers for the EuroMillions draw 314 were as follows : 01 – 05 – 18 – 38 – 45.The Lucky Stars were 04 and 06 .The EuroMillion Millionaire Raffle results were as follows : zhr111871

The EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot amount will now revert to its usual default amount of £13 million which is still a healthy sum to win.

The new EuroMillion Prize amount does not carry the dreams and romance of a £113,000,000 jackpot so we live in hope until the next EuroMillions Mega Draw takes place.

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