EuroMillions Tickets Price Rise

EuroMillion Lottery Ticket Price Rise

Per the headline, EuroMillion Lottery is to unveil a 50-pence increase in ticket prices. The price increase is limited to UK lottery players.

The theory is that the increase will fund an entirely new type of lottery game. This new game will create a new millionaire in the United Kingdom each week. It is a Raffle and will take place in each draw. According to reports, there will also be a Super Raffle, with prizes of up to £20 Million on offer.

Why The EuroMillion Lottery Price Increase

Camelot, who manage EuroMillion Lottery, have intimated they have taken this step to add excitement to the EuroMillion Lottery weekly draw.

Dianne Thompson the chief Executive of Camelot had the following to say “With the new Millionaire Raffle, we want to offer the best of both worlds, making EuroMillions even more exciting for players by creating a guaranteed UK millionaire every single week”

Millionaire Raffle Game

We think this Raffle is a great idea and look forward to the unveiling of a UK millionaire every week. In Ireland, they have the EuroPlus addition to EuroMillions. So now we have Millionaire Raffle. How exciting.

The new Millionaire Raffle, backed by a £3 million advertising campaign, is sure to prick the interest of lottery players. It intends to get player levels up on the EuroMillion Lottery. EuroMillion Lottery is the most significant lump sum tax-free lottery in the world. So enhancing it further for UK lottery players is a great move.

Automatic Raffle Entry

Each EuroMillions player will automatically participate in the Raffle; every player gets assigned three letters and six numbers per line. Then it is down to the luck of the draw and checks of the details. A Millionaire Raffle winner becomes an instant millionaire. This particular EuroMillions game is only available to UK players of the lottery game.

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