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EuroMillions Superdraw refers to lottery draws with a guaranteed 9-figure lottery prize. It is guaranteed instead of relying on lottery tickets bought. The last EuroMillions SuperDraw took place on August 2, 2023. The next Superdraw will be on the 29th of September 2023.

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Past EuroMillion Superdraws

Date of SuperdrawDraw Prize LevelSuperDraw Info
02 September 2023€130 MillionUpcoming SuperDraw Here
2 June 2023€130 MillionSuperdraw Win Claimed
3 March 2023 €130 MillionSuperdraw Win Claimed
2 December 2022 €130 MillionSuperdraw Win Claimed
29 April 2022 €130 MillionSuperdraw Win Claimed
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EuroMillion Superdraw Details

To date, there have been 39 EuroMillions Superdraws. Lottery Super Draws are popular events held from time to time. Even if a lottery superdraw rolls over within a specific week, the prize amount gets rolled over to the next EuroMillion lottery draw.

What Makes a Draw a Lottery Super Draw

A definite cash prize for a lottery draw is considered a EuroMillions Superdraw. That amount is a staggering €100 million or €130 Million in recent times.

Reasons for Lottery Jackpot Super Draw Popularity

It’s all down to the Super Draw lottery prize amount. We all want to win hundreds of millions to care for our family, friends, and distant relatives. Start a Trust and help out charities. This is all possible with a simple ticket purchase of a EuroMillion Lottery Super Draw ticket. In the next stage, though, it is much harder to win.

Popular Lottery Super Draws

The most popular Lottery Superdraw in the United Kingdom was the 2012 Olympics EuroMillions Superdraw. A large EuroMillion Lottery jackpot was on offer, plus the Millionaire Raffle part of the lottery guaranteed 100 new millionaires created via the raffle game.

Even though it was technically not a Pan European Superdraw, this particular lottery draw was, in our eyes, a EuroMillion Super Draw as it distributed over £100 Million in Lottery funds in a single lottery draw. EuroMillion Lottery Superdrawsaret held on special occasions or when the lottery changes aspects of the draw. 

Look out for these massive lottery jackpots around public holiday times, and bookmark this page. We update it with all the relevant information about Superdraws. Of course, that includes the subsequent upcoming draws.

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