EuroMillions Starts Over Again

The EuroMillions Jackpot starts from the default jackpot level in the draw today after being won by a French Lottery player on the Friday draw.The minimum jackpot for the draw today is worth £12 Million.The winning French EuroMillions ticket on Friday the 31st of January 2014 was the second large win of the month for La Francais De Jeux players. The first win came early in the month of January and was a half-share of a rollover jackpot.The other winning ticket of the €130 Million jackpot was bought in Spain.

The one consolation that UK EuroMillion players can draw from each non winning draw is that the UK version of EuroMillions has the Millionaire Raffle game which creates a new UK Millionaire for each draw.

To take part in the EuroMillion Lottery draw today please visit the EuroMillion Home page here.

UK Lottery players are able to buy lottery tickets online directly from the Official site by simply clicking on the UK Players button. Online Lottery players from all around the world can also take part by clicking on the Buy EuroMillions Tickets button.

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