EuroMillions Rolls Over to £141 Million

EuroMillions are a rollover. As no one managed to win the sixth biggest jackpot of the  popular lottery game it has increased substantially yet again. At the start of the draw last night the estimated jackpot was a mere £12,000,000. Due to the inevitable interest in the game it has risen by £19,000,000 for the next draw on Friday.

Even though there was no outright winner of EuroMillions for this particular draw a lot of lottery players will be waking up this morning with a lot more cash than they had last night. EuroMillions have paid out £6,032,421.00 in prize money to 3,636,943 across Europe in lieu of winnings.

Thirteen Lottery players managed to get five numbers and one lucky star to net each player prize money worth £118,797.90. Twenty  one Lottery players managed to get 5 numbers, they all walked away with £24,513.80.

Friday the 21st of June is going to see the 600th draw of EuroMillions, and it is going to be a giant draw. With the current lottery jackpot at £141,000,000 it is going to be rising even faster due to a perfect confluence of events.

It is the 600th draw of the lottery combined with the fact that it is a Friday draw which is traditionally busier than the Tuesday draw, add all of those factors in with a massive EuroMillions Jackpot and we have the potential of a perfect Lottery Storm.

Euro Million Lottery tickets are going to be in a lot of demand this week so make sure that you have your tickets in place well before the demand kicks in. Lottery sites are known to crash because of high demand, and this is the biggest jackpot in a very long time.

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