EuroMillions Rolls Over to £136 Million

EuroMillions £136 Million Jackpot
EuroMillions £136 Million Jackpot

The Tuesday draw of EuroMillions was not a lucky one for most EuroMillion players. We say that as the main prize rolled over to the Friday draw. The jackpot is now worth £136 Million Pounds.

UK Lottery players had an abysmal result in the last draw; the best-placed winners only managed to get into the 3rd tier prize level. That, of course, is the Match 5 numbers prize tier.

UK EuroMillion Winners

Three lottery players from the United Kingdom managed to win £20.172.20 in prize money.

Now that all of the attention has switched to the draw on Friday, it might be an opportune time to point out that UK EuroMillion players frequently do very well in the bigger lottery jackpot draws.

With £136 Million on offer as a prize, it will mean that the jackpot should grow to at least £140 Million by the time the draw takes place.

We base this on the kind of activity we usually witness when the lottery jackpot gets this large.

This size of the pot will even tempt those who do not regularly play. It should also bring out the players who don’t typically have a go.

With £136 Million in prize money on offer this Friday, make sure that you have you EuroMillion Lottery tickets in place well ahead of time.

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