EuroMillions Rollover to £28 Million

Somewhat surprisingly EuroMillions have rolled over on a Tuesday draw. The popular lottery has paid out on the last two consecutive Tuesdays and interestingly enough both wins went to Portuguese EuroMillion Lottery players.

This Tuesday draw saw no one lucky enough to pick up the main prize but as ever EuroMillions does still pay out cash prizes to lottery players. The best that lottery players managed on draw 611 of the lottery was to match 5 numbers. No one managed to hit a lucky star as well as 5 numbers. Six players managed to get 5 numbers

Each of the lucky players won £37,790.60 and half of the players where UK EuroMillion players. As is usual with each of the draws a single ticket holder has been awarded £1 million pounds via the Millionaire Raffle.

More importantly it is imperative that all UK EuroMillion Lottery players check their lottery tickets for last Fridays draw which created 100 new millionaires via the raffle. It would be a shame to miss out on a massive amount like that simply for not checking a lottery ticket.

EuroMillions paid out £1,957,262.90 in prize money on this particular draw to 1,835,302 lottery players. Make sure to get Lottery tickets for the next draw which takes place on Friday the 2nd of August 2013. To view all of the lottery results and to get lottery tickets online simply visit our EuroMillion Lottery home page.

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