EuroMillions Prize Claimed by Anonymous Winner

According to the UK National Lottery, the UK lottery ticket holders who won the £46 million EuroMillions jackpot on 24th February 2012 have come forward to claim their prize.

EuroMillion winners remain anonymous.

However, for us EuroMillion followers, the EuroMillions winner has decided to remain anonymous.

The lottery winner’s decision to remain anonymous may have been fueled by the fact that very often, lottery winners receive massive amounts of unwarranted attention from people looking for handouts.

Some winners are even exploited by scam artists, like Dave and Angie Dawes, who won a £101 million jackpot on EuroMillions.

Fraudsters claiming to be the lucky couple targeted several unsuspecting victims by offering them a cut of their winnings. Anyone who replied to these unsolicited emails would eventually be asked for their bank details and other personal information.

The £46,432,285 lottery million wins the sixth biggest EuroMillions win in the UK. A National Lottery official said, “This fantastic win has maintained the UK’s amazing run of luck in banking big EuroMillions jackpots.”

Since the National Lottery began, more than 2,800 people have become millionaires, including Nigel Page from Cirencester, who won £56 million in February 2010, along with Les and Sam Scadding from South Wales, who won £45.5 million in November 2009.

The biggest EuroMillions winners in the United Kingdom are Colin and Chris Weir, who won a massive £161,653,000 in July 2011. They are unlikely to be eclipsed as the lottery game has amended its rollover rules.

In the interim, the EuroMillions jackpot has been reset to £12 million and will be drawn tonight.

For UK lottery players, tickets are priced at £2 per line of numbers, giving them free entry into the Millionaire Raffle. This UK-only draw guarantees a millionaire with every draw.

EuroMillion Lottery Players can check the latest and historical lottery results at EuroMillion Lottery.

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