EuroMillions Preventing Fraud

Apart from the massive EuroMillion Lottery jackpots on offer at the most popular game in Europe,the fact that organisers of the game in the various countries taking part prevent fraudulent behaviour is a major eye opener for us this week.

We have all read about the attempted fraudulent EuroMillion jackpot claims made by a variety of dodgy persons who have been caught trying to defraud the original owners of tickets of winning amounts.

Thankfully EuroMillions has systems in place to prevent anyone but the original owner of a lottery ticket from making a claim. Ask a few of the store assistants who are now serving a bit of a stretch re that fact.

?t was a huge surprise to us to then find out that other large lotteries do not carry out the same kind of rigorous fraud prevention that EuroMillions has in place. Just this week we read an article about the fact that the Florida Lottery has paid out wins to to a group of 200 people on more than 30 occasions.

If you think that is a lot, then finding out that the self-same lottery has paid a particular woman 99 separate times will blow your mind.There is so obviously something happening on the Florida Lottery as no one , no matter how lucky is able to win that many times.We hope that they sort that situation out as soon as possible.

In the meantime EuroMillion Lottery players have a 12 million pound lottery jackpot to play for today and can do so secure in the knowledge that EuroMillions does everything possible to make sure the correct player gets paid.


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