EuroMillions Pays out £55 Million Jackpot

A lucky EuroMillions Lottery player has struck it lucky and won a massive £55 Million jackpot on last Fridays EuroMillion draw. According to reports the player who hit the jackpot is a Luxembourg lottery player, this is the first time that we have heard of a lottery player from the principality winning the grand prize.

We did predict that EuroMillions would be won on Friday, and we have a good feeling about the lottery game today as well. Although the value of the lottery jackpot is a mere £12 Million tonight who could say no to that kind of money. The value of the lottery win for the Friday draw is a massive €65 Million and a bit of change.

The draw on Friday saw 2,755,481 lottery players rewarded with lottery cash prizes. That is a massive amount of players getting cash back. British Lottery players managed to walk away with £3,833,831.30 in total lottery prize money. That figure of course excludes the Millionaire Raffle prize money which distributes another Million Pounds to a single player on each and every single draw of the lottery.

Tuesday Lottery draws tend to as we have stated in past see less action and today’s draw is a good one to play on. The reason for that is that as there are less players playing the chances of winning are better. They odds of winning are enormous in any event and remain large, but every little bit helps.

In the last week apart from the massive EuroMillions win numerous lottery stories have emerged. We have been contacted by Lottery players asking for confirmation of lottery wins after they received emails advising them that they have won.

We are happy to be contacted and advise people to stay away from emails of this nature and to avoid replying to them. EuroMillions would never contact a player advising them that they have won a particular amount. These kind of confirmation emails come in from players all over the world, and we are happy to set the record straight with them and help them avoid scam artists.

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