EuroMillions Makes 100 Millionaires in the UK

In what will be the most popular EuroMillions draw of all time in the UK on Friday, EuroMillions is going to be creating  100 Millionaires via the Millionaire Raffle game. The draw that takes place this Friday is appropriately named 100 UK Millionaire Raffle. The special EuroMillions Millionaire game has been set to coincide with the opening of the massively anticipated Olympics in London.

Lottery players from all over the world can take part in this massive Lottery jackpot by purchasing tickets online. If you are outside of the official Euro Million countries we recommend making use of our 3rd party lottery ticket partner.

As ever by simply purchasing a EuroMillions ticket you are automatically entered into the Millionaire Raffle and should your Millionaire Raffle ticket come up, and these are the best odds you are going to get on any Lottery, you will be singing all the way to the bank with a Million Quid in your pocket.

UK EuroMillion Lottery Players Buy Here

Rest of World Lottery Players Buy Here

The Euro Millions Lottery jackpot this week is a massive £105 Million and is sure to climb rapidly with the extra £100 Million on offer via the Millionaire Raffle game. Make sure that you buy your tickets online as there are going to be massive waiting times to get tickets via your local news agents. They also cost the same price online as they do offline.

In addition buying your EuroMillion tickets online means that the ticket can not be lost and the site will advise ou automatically whether you have won or not. Camelot who operates the Lottery in the UK will make contact with online winners via email.

So we are all set, we have the Olympics coming up and this massive EuroMillions Millionaire maker game on Friday. Make sure you do not miss it.

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