EuroMillions Jackpot on the Rise

EuroMillions has a lottery jackpot that is growing rapidly again after no players managed to win the main prize on the draw last Friday. That means the draw today on Tuesday the 21st of January 2013 is bound to be a busy draw.

The EuroMillion Lottery jackpot is worth £33,000,000 on the draw tonight which takes place in Paris at 8:45 PM Central European Time. Make sure you have your lottery tickets in hand well before the draw as when the main prize approaches these levels the popularity of EuroMillions does soar.

Draw 660 did see some luck for UK-based EuroMillion players. One lucky punter did manage to get 5 balls correct on the draw and walked away with just over half a million pounds as a prize. £577,348.50 was paid out to the winning ticket.

Even though the main prize was not won, the amount won is certainly a life changing amount. EuroMillions has 9 prize levels and although it would be lovely to win the main prize , if it was very easy to win, we would not see massive jackpot amounts that we do see.

Prize money totaling £3,643,739.90 was paid out to UK Lottery players in the last draw. That included the above massive win of over half a million pounds.

EuroMillions Draw 661 is worth a massive £33 Million tonight and who knows, it might even be you walking away with the main prize. That is the beauty of a lottery. One can never tell when your numbers will come up.

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