EuroMillions Jackpot Keeps Growing

The Euro Millions Jackpot continues to grow after the latest roll over on the popular lottery game. The new prize available to lottery players is a massive £47,000,000 prize which is likely to increase further by the time the draw takes place on Friday. 

The Tuesday EuroMillions draw was the fourth roll over of the lottery since it was last won by a player. Despite the lack of a winner of the main prize, UK EuroMillion players did have some luck on Draw 709. The EuroMillion numbers drawn last night are as follows – 08,18, 22, 24 and 27. The lucky star numbers are 04 and 11. The Raffle for UK players was VMS744043. Please make sure that you check your Millionaire Raffle details manually.

Two UK EuroMillion ticket holders managed to win £112,104.30 each in the draw last night. Both players managed to get 5 numbers and 1 lucky star correct. So close yet so far from that massive jackpot amount. Eleven lottery players in total managed to match 5 numbers on the Tuesday draw. Each of the players walked away with £26,304.83 in prize money.

Despite the lack of a main prize win over £2 Million pounds in prize money paid out to UK EuroMillion players on Draw 709. Add in the fact that in most countries winnings are tax-free and paid out in a lump sum and you have a perfect recipe for what is the most popular European Lottery game.

There is just over 2 days to get tickets for the next draw of EuroMillions, with a jackpot approaching the £50 Million mark, make sure you have your EuroMillion tickets well in advance of the rush that will take place on Friday.

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