EuroMillions HotPicks launched in January 2018 and is a UK EuroMillions game only. It is a separate lottery-type game from the main lottery game. The main Euromillions draw is available in the official European EuroMillion countries, but the Euromillions HotPicks lottery option is only available to players in the UK.

EuroMillions Hotpicks Results

EuroMillions HotPicks Draw Details

The HotPicks game offers additional prizes to the main draw between £10 and £1 million. While these are substantially less than the guaranteed prize jackpot of £11 million on the main EuroMillions, draw, the Euromillions HotPicks cost less.

The HotPicks draw is separate from the main Euromillions game, but the numbers picked during the draw every Tuesday and Friday determine Hotpicks winners. To play, you have to decide which numbers between 1 and 50 you wish to use for the Euromillions HotPicks draw and then choose which of the five games you will play.

You then have to choose if you will play in the HotPicks draw on a Tuesday, Friday or both. Each HotPicks Lottery draw takes place at 20:40 GMT.

How HotPicks Numbers & Odds Work

Regarding the HotPicks numbers, only the five main balls get used for this supplementary game. Unfortunately or fortunately, the two Lucky Stars are not included. Hopicks boasts five games that can be played, named after the HotPicks numbers you choose to play.

  • Pick 1 – match one Euromillions number to win
  • Pick 2 – match two Euromillions numbers to win
  • Pick 3 – match three Euromillions numbers to win
  • Pick 4 – match four Euromillions numbers to win
  • Pick 5 – match five Euromillions numbers to win

Of course, the more Euromillions HotPicks numbers you play and match, the higher the prize value in a game. When it comes to the prizes paid out to players, the average percentage of the sales in payout decreases as the HotPicks numbers matched increases:

Hotpicks Prize Levels

  • 66.67% for the Pick 1 game.
  • 54.42% for the Pick 2 game.
  • 51.02% for the Pick 3 game.
  • 43.28% for the Pick 4 game.
  • 30.87% for the Pick 5 game.

EuroMillions HotPicks Results

If you are looking for the Euromillions HotPicks results, they are available simultaneously as the main draw. The main draw takes place at 8:40 pm UK time, and if you miss the actual EuroMillions Hotpick draw, you can get the lottery draw results online shortly after. The odds of being a winner decrease with the more numbers that you opt to play. The following odds and prize values are applicable for the Hotpicks lottery draw:

Hotpicks Odds

  • Pick 1 – £10 prize with 1 in 10 odds.
  • Pick 2 – £100 prize with 1 in 123 odds.
  • Pick 3 – £1,500 with 1 in 1,960 odds.
  • Pick 4 – £30,000 with 1 in 46,060 odds.
  • Pick 5 – £1 million with 1 in 2,118,760 odds.

EuroMillions HotPicks Results Tonight

If you have missed the lottery draw and are looking for the HotPicks results from tonight, you can find them by clicking the Hotpicks Results link above. On this link, you will find the Euromillions HotPicks results for tonight and the results for previous draws.

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