EuroMillions Grows to £32 Million

EuroMillions had yet another rollover of its jackpot prize after the lottery draw on Tuesday 17 March 2015 was not won. The EuroMillion Lottery jackpot has therefore grown by £8 Million for the Friday Lottery draw.

The EuroMillion Lottery Ball numbers for the draw are as follows: 11,23,26,38 and 44. The Lucky Star ball numbers are 01 and 08. The Millionaire Maker winning details are GQF136093.

The best-placed UK EuroMillions result was a 2nd tier prize. 2 EuroMillion tickets managed to get 5 numbers and 1 lucky star number correct. This lottery result rewarded these lucky lottery ticket holders with a £209,614.40 payday.

4 EuroMillion players in total achieved this particular set of results. Apart from that there is one guaranteed winner of the Millionaire Maker part of the lottery draw.

Scottish EuroMillion Lottery players seem to be in the news a lot these days.

An eighteen-member EuroMillions syndicate formed by a team of school cleaners from North Ayrshire has hit it lucky by winning £1 Million via Millionaire Maker.

Each of the EuroMillions Syndicate members will get £55,555.55 in prize money.

The other notable Scottish EuroMillions story involved a teenage winner of £1 Million. This particular young lady has opted to continue working in a local chip shop and has now offered to fund a dream holiday for a terminally ill child.

To say that this is heart-warming would be an understatement. It is lovely to see that despite her new-found wealth, this lovely young lass has both her feet on the ground and a spirit of generosity.

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Remember, if you have not purchased a EuroMillions ticket, you cannot win it.

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