EuroMillions gets to £107 Million Jackpot

EuroMillions - £107 Million JackpotIt may sound a bit predictable that the last two draws of EuroMillions which included a Super Draw rolled over, this has meant a huge increase in player activity on EuroMillions with lottery players world-wide targeting the biggest lump sum lottery game in the world.

The next draw for EuroMillions takes place on Friday the 14th of March 2014. It will be the 676th draw for the game and one of the most popular. EuroMillions is already the most popular European Lottery when drawing comparisons between other National Lottery and Pan European Lottery games.

The fact that it has reached a £107 Million jackpot total will simply increase the “EuroMillions Frenzy” that seems to develop every time the jackpot crosses the 100 million barrier.

EuroMillions popularity has meant that it has been sometime since the jackpot total has reached this amount and players will be drawn in to playing by the fact that there is a 9 figure prize amount.

Despite the fact that the main jackpot was not hit, UK EuroMillion players did experience some luck on Draw 675. A single UK ticket managed to get 5 numbers and a single lucky star correct in the draw.That won a cash prize of £250,798.70 for the EuroMillions ticket holder.

In total 5 players managed to get this result. Both land based and online lottery players are going to be making sure that they have every chance of winning the jackpot game on Friday.

Make sure that this is the case for yourself. For further information on playing online, visit our EuroMillion Lottery Questions page.

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