EuroMillions Climbs to £18 Million

Lottery players did not manage to win the EuroMillions Lottery jackpot main prize on Friday the 31st of May. That means the new lottery jackpot climbs to £18,000,000 which makes things a tad more exciting for Lottery players across the world.

Tuesdays draw will garner a little more interest with the increased jackpot though it must be said that there is no special Millionaire Raffle taking place on the Tuesday draw.

One lucky player managed to get all 5 numbers and one lucky star. They were a single star out from collecting the main jackpot amount so not sure if it is right to call them lucky or not. Still they would be walking away with a nice little payday that they otherwise would not have.

To view all the Lottery Results simply visit our EuroMillions Lottery Results page. This page does include all the results for the Millionaire Raffle part of the UK EuroMillions Lottery.

The winning Millionaire Raffle ticket number for last nights special raffle draw was JRG437445. Check your Lottery tickets for this number as the person who has this on their EuroMillions Lottery ticket wins £1 million pounds each month for the next 12 months.

One of the great things about EuroMillions is that despite the lack of a main prize winner, a lot of lottery players still get a chance to win some decent cash amounts. Ten Lottery players managed to get 5 numbers which meant winnings of just under £40,000. In total more than 2700 lottery players walked away with cash from this last EuroMillions draw.

We always suggest buying lottery tickets online so if you are on holiday or outside of the official EuroMillion Lottery playing areas, make use of our EuroMillions Concierge service to buy tickets. Remember if you are not in t , you simply can not win it.

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