EuroMillions Black Friday Lottery Draw

It is EuroMillions day, and going along with the seasonal theme of Black Friday, we have decided to label it the EuroMillions Black Friday draw. It is Black Friday if you look at the jackpot amount for the draw.

The unclaimed prize, The money has been lost to the Good Causes fund

After the draw on Tuesday produced a winner, the amount is set at the basic £12 Million. Thus the Black Friday Lottery draw seems to be proper. The jackpot on Tuesday was a respectable £26,863,588 and the good news is that a UK EuroMillions player managed to win it.

The player’s identity has not yet emerged, and perhaps that could be a good thing as it seems that relationships have been tested for the last few big EuroMillion UK winners.

The total payout to UK Lottery players from the last draw was a massive £28,883,645.20, which includes the lottery jackpot amount but excludes the Millionaire Raffle amount.

A last bit of Black Friday Lottery news is that a player in Birmingham has forfeited the £12 Million prize won on the special Millionaire Raffle draw held on the 31st of May this year. The winner of that particular Millionaire Raffle was rewarded with £1 Million per month for 12 months.

They have unfortunately not come forward to claim the prize winnings in time. The money has been lost to the Good Causes fund.

The good news is that as it is a Black Friday Lottery draw, there is £12 Million to play for and an extra £1 Million on the Raffle for a UK player.

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