EuroMillions Back to £12 Million Tonight

It seems that EuroMillion Lottery draws on Tuesdays are paying out more often than draws on a Friday. We are mentioning this as the last two draws have been won on a Tuesday draw including the massive £157 Million jackpot. Tuesdays draw for £28 million has also been won.

Tuesdays draw was won by a UK EuroMillions player, the lucky lottery player managed to pick up a healthy £28,847,237.00 in prize money. We have always stated that the odds of winning are better on a Tuesday draw as it seems that less players play on a Tuesday. This is pure speculation on our part though.

We have come to this conclusion though by looking at the amount of players paid for each of the draws, it seems that more players are paid on a Friday draw. The draw on Tuesday saw 1,652,660 lottery players walking away with a cash prize. Put that into comparison with the previous Friday EuroMillions draw where 2,989,149 were paid a cash prize on a smaller amount and players will note how we have come to this conclusion.

The EuroMillions prize fund for tonight is still a healthy £12 million which is one of the biggest lottery jackpots available. Players from all over the world are able to take part in this most popular of European Lottery games by making use of our lottery ticket service. Get Lottery tickets below.

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