EuroMillions at £45 Million Tonight

EuroMillions are back in new today, with a lottery game jackpot growing ever larger due to a few rollovers. The popular EuroMillion Lottery has not had a winner for the last three games and lottery players, therefore, have a bumper jackpot to aim for tonight.

EuroMillion is facing competition from other lottery games

Although EuroMillion Lottery is the most popular lottery in Europe, it faces ever-increasing competition from other lottery games eager to get more lottery players. The first of these is the UK National Lotto, who is on October 5th of this year going to be increasing the price of a lottery ticket to £2, which will enable the lottery jackpot to grow a lot quicker and enable more prizes to be paid out.

This move does mirror what EuroMillion Lottery did when introducing the Millionaire Raffle concept. Lottery tickets only increased by 50 pence on that occasion; the price increase has meant that a new UK Millionaire is created in each lottery draw. It will be interesting to see if the Lotto, known in the UK, can compete.

The latest EuroMillion Lottery Raffle winner has been unveiled. The Talbots from Bradley Ford in Lancashire are the latest winners of a million pounds and plan to move to a new bungalow and take a luxury cruise.

Tonight’s draw is the 627th draw of the lottery game and will be a big one. Visit our homepage to buy lottery tickets online.

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