EuroMillions Up to £26 Million

The rollovers keep coming, the jackpot keeps increasing. The Tuesday draw of the popular EuroMillions game saw yet another rollover which means the lottery jackpot has increased to £26 Million. Along with the increase in the jackpot size, we are likely to see increased activity on EuroMillions this Friday due to the simple fact that Friday draws is the more popular draw.

The likely reason for that is that people have cash at the end of the week due to being paid. The feel good cause of weekend time must also surely play a part as millions of workers leave offices and factories all over the UK.

Invariably people’s attention turns to winning some or all of this massive jackpot amount.

As we have previously pointed out in related articles, buying a lottery ticket for a EuroMillions draw is only half the job done. Checking the results of the draw is the other half of the job that needs to be completed.

Within the next few days at least 5 potential EuroMillion Millionaires who are going to be loosing out due to not claiming prize money in the required time. The time that a player has to claim a win is 6 months from the draw date.

The best way to avoid losing out on a lottery jackpot is to play online. The process is incredibly easy, it does mean that should you be lucky enough for your numbers to pop up, the lottery will have your details instantly at hand to make a payment.

We highly recommend playing online and if you have not yet done so setting up an Online Lottery account can be done within 5 minutes. This means that within 2-3 weeks it would also start saving you time as there would be no queues to stand and wait in to get a lottery ticket.

Be wise and get your Lottery Tickets Online Here.

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