EuroMillions £25 Million Triple Rollover

EuroMillions this Friday 12 December 2014 is worth a massive £25,000,000 after the last two draws on the lottery game ended with no main jackpot prize winner.

The EuroMillion Lottery draw is normally busier on a Friday Lottery draw and the fact that this will be the 3rd draw since the last EuroMillions Jackpot winner is simply adding fuel to the fire.

We use this term as it does seem that a lot of part-time lottery players climb out of the woodwork and start purchasing EuroMillion Lottery tickets once the £20 Million prize level has been breached.

The jackpot on the game does of course get a lot larger than it is sitting at now but who would say no to winning that amount of money or even a healthy part of it.

British EuroMillion players have been on an extended run of good fortune on the lottery game in recent times. The last major winners on the lottery game picked up a £12,5 Million payday and have vowed to help their community in Belfast.

The popularity of EuroMillions is also boosted by the Millionaire Raffle part of the game. This extra draw creates a guaranteed UK Millionaire in every single draw of the game.

The diversity of £1 Million winners has ranged from Factory Workers who have taken off on extended booze cruises to Lorry Drivers and hardworking Nurses.

The 50 pence increase in the price to add the Millionaire Raffle part of the game to EuroMillions has been a success. It has generated huge interest in the lottery game.

The next major prize draw of the Raffle now also known as the Millionaire Maker will take place on Friday the 26th of December 2014. Ten UK EuroMillion players will be the lucky recipients of a £1 Million prize.

As ever to be in with a chance of winning the EuroMillion Lottery jackpot prize, players do have to get a lottery ticket. As they say, if you are not it, you simply cannot win it.There are £25,000,000 good reasons for taking part in EuroMillions this Friday.

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