EuroMillions £113 Million Prize

EuroMillions £113 Million Prize
EuroMillions £113 Million Prize

EuroMillions is worth £113 Million Pounds today. Yes, the draw takes place later tonight for this unbelievable amount of money.The question is, are you in the running for it?

£113 Million Pound Lottery Jackpot

Due to the size of the EuroMillions Jackpot, and the fact that it is a Friday EuroMillions draw,activity on what is the most popular lottery game in Europe, will be frenetic.

This is the last giant lottery draw of 2015. Make sure that you make the most of it. There are a variety of methods that can still be used to make sure that you increase your chances of winning.

We tend to buy lottery tickets constantly and at various times in between the draws. This strategy is to make sure that we are covering all possibilities for the Millionaire Maker part of the game.

Even if you have not managed to win the main lottery jackpot, players are still able to win at least £1 Million on Millionaire Maker.

The 2nd tier prizes can also be worth over £250,000 in prize money. That is of course the prize when matching 5 numbers and 1 lucky star.

Two EuroMillion Lottery tickets on the Tuesday draw matched the above result and won over £500,000 in prize money each.

If you have not yet got lottery tickets for the £113 Million EuroMillion Lottery draw, make sure you get them at various times during the day today.

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