EuroMillions £112 Million Mega Jackpot

The headline screams about a massive EuroMillions Mega Jackpot on offer. A £112 Million lottery jackpot is a massive prize to win, we expect to see massive amounts being spent on EuroMillions leading up to the draw on Friday.

In the United Kingdom, there is also going to be a focus on the extra price of playing EuroMillions. The cost of a EuroMillion lottery ticket is going up by fifty pence.

  • EuroMillions Price Increase
  • UK Lottery Price Increase
  • EuroMillions Mega Jackpot

Price Increase is a Lottery Tax

Some are going to be accusing Camelot of being greedy. The last time Camelot raised the prices of lottery tickets was during the National Lottery game.

This particular lottery price increase was met with a barrage of criticism from all members of society. The price increase, they stated, was to make sure the UK National Lottery had bigger jackpots.

That would have been fine, except they made a few more changes. Camelot added to the amount of ball players. That in short meant the odds of winning lengthened considerably.

They added a few prize tiers that paid out smaller prizes. The lottery jackpot though, is a lot tougher to win. That means lottery jackpots by default are now much bigger.

The bare facts are, despite the price increase, lottery players are still playing The Lotto as it is known.

EuroMillions Price Increase

Camelot are going to repeat the trick with EuroMillions. This time though, they are not adding to the amount of numbers a player must hit to win the jackpot. That aspect is out of their control.

There will we are sure be a storm about the price increase, then some mumbling and grumbling, finally lottery players will focus on the massive EuroMillion jackpot on offer.

All will be well again for Camelot and lottery players will get used to the increase in price.

In the interim, if you have not yet got your lottery tickets for this next installment of a EuroMillion Mega Jackpot, be sure to take along the extra 50 pence required.

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