EuroMillion Lottery Winners

EuroMillion Winners page is a listing of significant lottery jackpot prize wins on EuroMillions. In addition, we list the most important prizes ever paid out to UK EuroMillion players.

Biggest EuroMillion Winners

EuroMillion WinWinnerCountryDate
£184,262,899 The Thwaites United Kingdom10/05/2022
£161,653,000.00Colin & Chris WeirUnited Kingdom12/07/2011
£159,559,034.002 x AnonymousBelgium/ Ireland25/06/2013
£148,656,000.00Dave & Angela DawesUnited Kingdom10/08/2012
£123,458,008AnonymousUnited Kingdom11/06/2019
£108,247,799.002 x AnonymousFrance & Spain07/01/2014
£107,932,603.20Neil TrotterUnited Kingdom14/03/2014
£93,388,943.90AnonymousUnited Kingdom12/06/2015

EuroMillions Payouts

Since its inception, EuroMillion Lottery has paid out millions of pounds in prizes to lottery players worldwide. The above listing is merely a Top listing of EuroMillion Lottery Prizes of all time.

UK EuroMillion players comfortably top the list of the top 10 winners with four entries. That includes the most significant EuroMillions win of all time. Next in line are France, Spain, and Portugal, with two wins each.

Making up the final positions are Belgium and Ireland, with one EuroMillion winner in the top 10 list. There is also a flip side to this lottery winner’s page. We are, of course, talking about those that have lost. But, of course, you cannot lose money by participating in lottery games, apart from the investment in your lottery ticket.

EuroMillion Losers – Not Checking Results

You can, though, miss out on a significant lottery prize. Unfortunately, many Millions of Pounds in prizes are lost each year as well. That is due to lottery players not checking their lottery results.

In today’s busy world, this is easily done. Put it down to check it later and never get back to it. It is why we always encourage the use of online lottery ticket services. Whether they are a part of a regional regulated lottery organisation or a lottery ticket service, it simply makes sense to get lottery tickets online.

Perhaps it is also a case of just not believing that you can be a EuroMillions winner. That is why players do not check lottery results. That could and, as we can see, is the most expensive assumption to make.

It does happen. Lottery players do win life-altering amounts in cash prizes. So make sure that you have every chance to become a EuroMillion Lottery winner. Play smart and make sure you play EuroMillion Lottery wisely. That way, you could be a part of our Exclusive EuroMillion Winners list.

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