EuroMillion Winners Search

EuroMillion Winners Search
EuroMillion Winners Search

The search for another EuroMillions Winner is on again.

This time the lottery prize ticket that won a major prize was purchased in the Reading area of Berkshire.

The prize money that is being missed out on by a lottery player is £1 Million Pounds.The prize was won in April as part of the Mega Friday EuroMillions draw.

This lottery draw is of course held on the last Friday of each month.The Millionaire Maker normally boosts the amount of prizes on offer,this particular million pound jackpot is one of them.

It amazes us that a lottery player could go to the trouble of getting a EuroMillion Lottery ticket, then not bother to check the lottery results.

Many Millions of Pounds in prize money are lost because of this failure to check lottery results.On this occasion the alpha numeric code for the winning ticket is TTR092858.

The owner of this particular winning lottery ticket has until 21 October 2015 to make a claim for the prize money.

After that time period elapses,the lottery prize money will be sent to either the Big Fund or Heritage Lottery fund.That means it goes into the pot for social improvement causes

This is unfortunately a common event for UK EuroMillion players to miss out. If you know that you are forgetful or misplace things,why not get your lottery tickets online?

The next EuroMillions draw takes place today,the total value of the lottery jackpot is up from the basic £10 Million prize amount.

With a £15 Million Pound Jackpot as well as a £1 Million Pound Millionaire Maker prize, do not leave things to chance. This kind of money or even a portion of it is life changing.

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