EuroMillion Super Draw Friday 15th Nov 2013

The hotly anticipated EuroMillion Super Draw is nearly upon us, eager lottery players. Friday, the 15th of November sees yet another instalment of the popular EuroMillion Lottery Super draw game in which the lottery stumps up the cash to boost the prize fund.

EuroMillion Lottery most popular lottery game in the UK

As if EuroMillions was not yet the most popular lottery game in the United Kingdom, Friday will see lottery players going all out to try and win this particular draw. The minimum lottery jackpot is worth a massive £80 Million if you are playing from the United Kingdom.

European and Irish EuroMillion players will be playing for a €100 Million jackpot and that translated into US dollars is a massive $128,086,983.72 in a single lump sum, tax-free payment. With a massive jackpot of £80 Million on offer this weekend it does mean that the lottery is going to be very busy so it would be wise to not delay and get tickets for the draw straight away.

Remember, if you are not in it, you can not win it and be sure to check your lottery ticket results. Without checking results, you might be missing out on a fortune. Use our EuroMillion Results page here.

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