It is EuroMillion Super Draw Day Today

The headline of the article clearly depicts what a special day today is, it is EuroMillion Super Draw day. The most popular lottery game in the United Kingdom has a total jackpot of £80,000,000 today which makes it the largest lump sum lottery game in the world.

There have only been 13 EuroMillion Super Draw games since the inception of the lottery, the timing of this particular Lottery Super Draw is fantastic as it is a pre Christmas draw which means that the lottery organizers have another special set up for the Christmas time period. Well they better have otherwise it is going to be a bit deflating.

Back to the current EuroMillion Super Draw though and the excitement that a lottery jackpot of this size on offer does mean that lo0ttery players world wide are trying to get their hands on this prize. That excitement causes a number of things to happen.

Lottery sites are normally very busy and have been known to crash due to the amount of users trying to get a lottery ticket. Make sure you don’t get caught up in this and get a lottery ticket for today’s draw without delay. This includes people who buy lottery tickets from news agents. Those little lottery machines can go down as well. They are all connected to a computer after all. Don’t delay, get your lottery ticket when you can via your usual method wether it is online or from your local store.

Once you have your lottery ticket make sure you keep it in a safe place and sign the back of it if you have purchased it from a land based store. Once the results are in please check your Lottery ticket results. Millions of Pounds are lost each year due to lottery players not checking results. EuroMillion Lottery players can check all results on our dedicated EuroMillions Results page.

The final thing to ensure and possibly the most important to be in with a chance of winning the EuroMillion Super Draw is to ensure that you have a lottery ticket. UK lottery players are able to purchase EuroMillion tickets directly from the official lottery from our home page by clicking on the UK Players button.

Lottery players outside of the official EuroMillion countries are able to take part as well by purchasing tickets from our authorized third party lottery ticket provider also found on the EuroMillion Lottery Home Page.

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