EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot Reaches 55 Million Pounds

The popular EuroMillion Lottery is on its fifth rollover, and the lottery jackpot has reached a massive fifty-five million pounds for this particular draw. Normally this is when the part-time lottery players come out to play.

More players tend to play on Friday’s draw on EuroMillion, so the Jackpot prize is bigger!

Friday EuroMillion lottery draws are proving more lucrative for lottery players as the last few lottery jackpot wins have taken place on a Friday. We hope to see that trend continue today with a EuroMillions lottery win by a UK player.

Although no players won the lottery last time, eight players in total managed to get five balls and one lucky star winning each of them £100,261.10. Two of these players came from the United Kingdom.

A total of £2,237,206.20? and lottery prize money was paid out to 1,904,608 lottery players on the EuroMillion draw on Tuesday. This is lower than the previous Friday’s draw as more players tend to play on the Friday draw.

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