EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot Grows Again

The main jackpot on the popular EuroMillions Lottery game has grown again after yet another rollover. The Tuesday draw for the massive £95 million main prize did not yield a winning ticket, and thus lottery players need to do it again this Friday.

The prize breakdown for EuroMillions draw 597 is as follows. 3,454,746 Lottery players split an amount of £3,842,218.70 in prize money between them. The largest wins, as usual, were the ticket holders who got five numbers and one lucky star. Five players got this, and each walked away with £256,023.70.

Friday EuroMillions Lottery arrives

The draw on Friday for EuroMillions Lottery will therefore be for a massive £110,000,000. This is enough to buy a small country and enough to get many part-time lottery players interested in the jackpot. The fact that this is a tax-free lump sum payment in the UK means that in a stroke, a British Lottery winner of this jackpot would be near the top of any wealth list.

As the EuroMillions Lottery states, ” Win it All” is the slogan, and if you are not in it, well, you can not win it. buy lottery tickets online for  Fridays EuroMillions Lottery Draw 598 here.

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