EuroMillion Lottery Grows to £58 Million Pounds

The EuroMillions Lottery jackpot is worth a massive estimated £58,000,000 for the draw which takes place later today. We say estimated as the jackpot will continue to grow during the day as lottery players world-wide purchase EuroMillion tickets in trying to win the jackpot.The Tuesday EuroMillions Lottery draw saw no winner of the main prize  but as usual Europe’s biggest lottery did reward players with cash prizes. A single UK Lottery player did manage to match 5 balls and 1 lucky star. This rewarded the lucky lottery ticket holder with a £169,309.50 pay day. Remember that all winnings on EuroMillions is tax-free.

Five lottery players in total managed to get 5 balls and 1 lucky star. Five players in total also managed to get 5 numbers correct. This means that the players receive £56,436.50 in prize money. Again a single UK winner picked up prize money at this level.

The last EuroMillions lottery draw produced 1,903,007 lottery cash prize winners. Cash prizes paid out to UK Lottery players totaled £2,268,930.70 and the lottery jackpot rose by an estimated £9 Million for the draw today.

With a £58 Million pound Lottery jackpot on offer today, make sure to get lottery tickets when you can as there will be huge demand for them today. UK Lottery players can get EuroMillion Lottery Tickets Online Here.

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