EuroMillion Lottery at £60 Million Tonight

The popular EuroMillion Lottery game has a lottery jackpot worth £60 Million in Tonights draw. The new total for the jackpot comes after Draw 615 of EuroMillions was a rollover. This is despite the recent run of wins on Tuesday EuroMillion draws.

In addition to the £60 Million main lottery jackpot prize on offer UK EuroMillion players also get the chance to win a £1 Million prize via the Millionaire Raffle game. This portion of the lottery is making a lot of headlines due to the recent massive Millionaire Raffle game played.

Winners from that game are popping out of the woodwork regularly. A lady from Hertfordshire who has elected to remain anonymous is the latest beneficiary of the Raffle which attempted to create 100 new millionaires in a single evening. There is now a handful of winning Millionaire Raffle tickets that have yet to be claimed.

Tuesdays EuroMillions draw was a decidedly poor one for Lottery players in general with the lowest amount of cash prizes being paid out in quite some time. £2,158,407.00 was paid out to 1,945,436 lottery players. Typically the Tuesday draw sees less action than the Friday EuroMillions draw. The draw was particularly poor for UK lottery players with the best ticket claiming a 4 numbers and 1 lucky star prize.

Perhaps this is an omen for today’s draw. With £60,000,000 on offer there should be no hesitation in getting in on the action and making sure that you have a lottery ticket. Find out where to get your EuroMillion Lottery Tickets Online Here.

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