Large EuroMillion Jackpot Wins

Can you imagine winning a €125 million lottery prize on EuroMillions and not knowing it? But unfortunately, it is what happened to a young Spanish woman from Majorca.

Got Flu? No Problem – Heres is a Lottery Win

The EuroMillion Lottery had rolled over six times before the lucky Spanish lady in bed with a bit of flu got a bit lucky and won an amount that could probably see her purchase half the holiday island.

Biggest Spanish EuroMillions Win

This enormous €126 million jackpot is still the record win for a Spanish lottery player on EuroMillions. However, the following most massive amount won on the Lottery in all the playing regions was hit by Dolores Mcnamara. This lucky lady got €115 million. That particular Irish EuroMillion Lottery win happened in July 2005 and was the biggest story in Ireland for some time.

That EuroMillion Jackpot lottery win made her the 72nd wealthiest person in Ireland. That is some jump from living in Limerick to being part of the jet-set super-elite. We all dream about winning the Lottery; it could be any Lottery, the UK national lottery, Powerball in the United States or even El Gordo, the giant Spanish Lottery.

All of these lotteries, if won, come with life-changing amounts. EuroMillion Lottery, though is the biggest of the lot as it is paid out in a single lump sum and is tax-free.

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