Euro Millions Climbs to £22 Million

We had not thought about writing an article today, but the rollover on Euro Millions has persuaded us to go ahead and be wild on this occasion. The Tuesday draw for the most popular Lottery in Europe was not won. That in itself is worthy of a few hand claps for long-suffering Lottery maniacs like us. We want to see giant-sized jackpots with lots and lots of numbers in the Lottery Jackpot.

Euro Millions has over the last 4 draws paid out on each occasion. That must be a record run. We can not remember the last time it paid out on so many consecutive occasions. Talking about wins, and this our favourite part of any article, we mentioned recently in a previous article that there was a Euro Millions Plus prize of €500,000 that had not been claimed in Ireland. The good news is that the win has been claimed by a couple from Athlone who has chosen to remain anonymous.

Staying in Ireland , an almost comical situation has arisen in a Lottery game run by the Irish National Lottery. The draw of the Lotto Plus 2 game had to pay out extra after calling out a 6 when in fact a number 9 ball had rolled down to be one of the lottery numbers. No Irish jokes please.

In Canada a woman won $40 Million on the  Lotto Max Lottery Game run by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Association. She initially thought she had only won $40,000. This lady is one the most spirited of people that we have seen for some time. Check out her interview here.

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