Euro Lottery Jackpot totals £122 Million

Lottery games are the most popular games on the planet. The reason for that is self evident. The Euro Million Lottery jackpot on offer today is a staggering £122,000,000 and rising. The lure of winning that much cash is such that today’s lottery draw is going to be bringing in lottery players world wide.

Winning a Lottery worth £122 Million as a tax free lump sum is going to tempt a lot of people to have a go over the next few hours. Remember that today’s draw is close to a record for the popular European Lottery since the rule changes limiting rollovers.

A single ticket winner of this EuroMillions Draw 599 is going to be one of the wealthiest individuals anywhere in the world and simply put all of their troubles will melt away and be replaced with a new set of issues. How to spend all of that money wisely is i am guessing an issue that most of us would love to have.

Realistically the chances of winning are slim as millions of lottery players are going to be purchasing more than their usual amount of lottery tickets today to be in with a better chance of winning. That is the normal tactic for people and who can find fault with that. The fact is, if you are not in it then you simply can not win it and purchasing lottery tickets today is going to be going through the roof.

We have recently trialled out a new EuroMillions Syndicate service in which players are able to get a share of   55 lottery tickets for the price of £1. We highly recommend this as a way to increase the chances of winning in addition to a normal purchase of Euro Million tickets. Simply navigate to our home page and click on the relevant banner to take advantage of this offer.

In summary we are trying a number of methods today to see if we can get hold of a winning line. Even if we do not manage to hit the main jackpot amount, winning a healthy amount will be an awesome prize as well.

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