€73 EuroMillion Winner Finally Claims

A French EuroMillion Lottery winner has an extraordinary tale to tell. He not only managed to win a €73,000,000 jackpot, he also managed to forget about the lottery ticket for a month. 

That is right, he carried on with his normal life for a whole month with €73,000,000 sitting in his wallet after he forgot to check the results of the EuroMillion draw.

Luckily for this particular lottery player the end of the matter saw him claim the win with just a month left until it expired. Others have not been so lucky though, particularly UK EuroMillion players.

The largest UK EuroMillion win to go unclaimed was a £65,000,000 jackpot win that got swallowed up by the good cause’s fund. There have been many millions lost on the Raffle game.

A special £12,000,000 Raffle that paid the winner £1 Million per month for a year was also lost to the Good Causes Fund after not being claimed in the allowed time period.

That particular EuroMillion ticket came from the Ladywood area of Birmingham. A region that is noted for its deprivation. That winning amount could have done a lot of good to a lot of people in the area.

It does seem strange to us but it does happen often enough all over the world. Lottery players will buy a lottery ticket and then think that it could not possibly be them that has won.

They promptly forget about the Lottery ticket or loose it and Millions in prize money is lost.

There is a simply way to get around this kind of thing happening to you. Get Lottery Tickets Online. We would preach this approach most would say and they are right.

This is the sensible, most secure and convenient way to manage lottery games. Apart from the fact that it is so convenient, players can also take part in all the largest lottery games online.

We are glad this particular EuroMillion report is a positive one with the player claiming his cash.

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