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Why We Created EuroMillion Lottery

The reason for the creation of the EuroMillion Lottery website is to educate lottery players worldwide. We noticed many lottery scams operating online whilst owning this domain name and decided to be a force for good.

Scams trying to get money out of people and to buy lottery systems were prevalent and still are. We list some and offer advice on how to avoid lottery scams.

When EuroMillions first launched, we thought we would start a website that would help and guide lottery players.

There was a two-fold purpose to this. First, we wanted to make sure that we made it as difficult as possible for lottery scammers to work by highlighting their methods.

We also wanted to make it easy for lottery players to view lottery results and lottery jackpot prizes.

The culmination of that wish is alive on now.

Online Lottery Games and players have evolved in the last few years, and so have we.

We now offer online lottery players the ability to acquire lottery tickets for any lottery jackpot game in the world.

Our Disclaimer has been put in place to ensure that players do not mistake us for an official lottery. We are not and would never make that claim. That would make us as bad or worse than the low-life sharks you see trying to scam lottery players.

Protecting Online Lottery Players

We have succeeded in achieving our primary wish to make sure lottery scam artists are exposed. That is continual, and we help lots of players via email to this day. Our secondary wish was to make sure that EuroMillion Lottery players had all the information about the draw.

We now offer a live lottery information service that allows players to check results and see the value of EuroMillions and other major online lottery games.

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