Countdown to the Big One on Friday

Yes there is a EuroMillions draw on tonight and yes it is for the default amount after a lucky lottery player managed to pick up a win on Friday. The Big One though that all UK Lottery players are waiting for is this Friday.

What are we talking about ? Well that is an easy one to explain. On Friday the 26th of July EuroMillions will have a Millionaire Raffle Extravaganza. One Hundred new Millionaires will be created in a single night on the Millionaire Raffle part of EuroMillions.

As we all know, the Millionaire Raffle is exclusive to the UK EuroMillions Lottery and only British lottery players can win it. That means that there are going to be literally a truckload of new Millionaires come Friday night.

Along with the Royal Baby and the great British Summer that has finally got started this Friday is going to be heaving with lottery players getting tickets for the EuroMillions game.

As ever we always recommend getting Lottery Tickets Online as using this method means players get automatically notified when hitting a winning line. The email always advises you to log into your account to check your balance and is not like the scam mails that get sent out with a winning amount. Do not get confused by the two.

Only three more days to Friday and we are looking forward to getting in on the Millionaire Raffle action. The EuroMillion draw for tonight is for £12 Million Pounds. Who knows this could also rollover to Friday.

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