Cornish Man Wins £1 Million on Scratch Cards.

Cornish Man Wins £1 Million on Scratch Cards
Cornish Man Wins £1 Million on Scratch Cards.

A lucky Cornish man has won a fantastic £1 million scratch card jackpot on the Lucky Gold National Lottery Scratch Card.

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Lee Orchard, who, ironically given his surname, works in his parent’s Garden Center, won the amount after purchasing scratch cards from his local Co-Op with £5 from a previous scratch card win.

Scratch Card games are increasingly popular because they are Instant Jackpot games.

The lucky man plans to upgrade his home and car, take his family on a trip to Disneyland, and help out his family with the proceeds from the win.

One of the great things about Scratch Card wins is it is tax-exempt. Much like Lottery Cash Prizes, no tax is due on any wins. All wins get paid out in full.

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Considering that the lucky guy above won his million with a £5 bet, it might just be your lucky day.

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