Christmas Lottery Games Arrive

Details for special Christmas Lottery games have finally been released by Camelot. It seems our complaints re a lack of a special draw has been heard by the Gods of Lottery, they have come up with a suitable response.

According to reports both EuroMillions and The UK Lotto will be hosting special Raffle draws.

EuroMillions will be hosting a New Years Eve Raffle draw in which 25 EuroMillion players will become instant millionaires via the Millionaire Raffle draw.

The UK Lotto game not to be outdone is hosting a similar Raffle draw. It is being called the Big Lotto Christmas Giveaway, and it has started already with the UK National Lottery dishing out prizes each day until Christmas Day.

The UK Lotto game will be rewarding 500 Lottery players with a raffle win on Christmas Day. It has to be pointed out that this is only possible as the Raffle win on the UK Lotto game is a lot smaller than the amount offered on EuroMillions.

Winners of the Raffle on the UK Lotto game get a £20,000 Raffle win compared to the £1 Million win that EuroMillion players receive on the Millionaire Raffle.

It is worth pointing out though that this also means a lot more players get a tidy cash amount during the festive season even if it is a smaller amount. It is still something that lottery players in the United Kingdom will look forward to.

So finally there is a bit of added cheer for Lottery players this season. All that remains is to now secure some of those lottery tickets and sit back and watch the numbers come in.

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