Carer Wins £8 Million Lotto Jackpot.

A kind-hearted carer has won an £8 Million Lotto jackpot recently on the new National Lottery game and has insisted that he is not about to give up his job as the people at the Care Home need him. If that is not the most heartwarming lottery story to come out this year, then we don’t know what is.

A lucky dip ticket wins a massive jackpot!

The news of the win has made the rounds in National Media around the United Kingdom, and we wanted to add our own tribute to this fine gentleman. Ron Elliot is a 67-year-old widower who works at a care home looking after people who suffer from dementia and other age-related issues. He earns, according to reports, £15,000 per year in this post.

Ron who hails from Sutton which is just outside of London purchased his winning National Lottery ticket at his local newsagent at 6 am in the morning on his walk into work. The ticket was a Lucky Dip ticket and lucky it is for both him and the residents of the care home.

After finding out about his win on Saturday evening Ron did nothing unusual and went in for his shift the next day to make sure that residents of the care home got their usual breakfast. How many Lottery winners would do that kind of thing? Not many is our guess.

The kind-hearted carer has stated that the win has not sunk in as of yet and has plans to buy a new house along with paying off his son’s mortgage. He also stated that there would be a big Christmas treat for the residents of the care home.

It just goes to show that good things do happen to good people. It is just unfortunate that most of the stories that fill our lives are those that make headlines and normally are tragic events. We are glad that this particular lottery-winning story has come to light, and we would like to salute a very fine human being. Well done, Ron Elliot, and we hope you enjoy your winnings.

The draw for the next National Lottery game takes place on Saturday, the current jackpot is worth £4.7 Million. There is also the new Raffle part of the game in which 50 players will win £20,000 this week.

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