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Camelot Loses Lotto License

Camelot Loses Lotto License

Camelot, the company that currently runs the UK National Lottery & EuroMillions in the United Kingdom, has lost the license to run the National Lottery. In an announcement made recently, the Gambling Commission announced the new holder of the permit.

Allwyn Entertainment Snap Up National Lottery

The Gambling Commission has selected a company that not many lottery players will be familiar with. Allwyn is the UK subsidiary of Sazka, the most significant player in lottery operations in Europe. They currently run several lotteries in countries like Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece and, in due course, the United Kingdom.

The Gambling Commission indicated that Allwyn was the preferred bidder, and predictably Camelot has revealed their disappointment in losing the Lotto bid as it is known in the UK. Camelot has been subject to criticism and a lot of competition around the bids for the lottery.

Camelot has also managed to keep the lottery license for a staggering period of 30 years. In that time, it has donated a considerable amount of money to good causes. The UK is an extensive lottery playing region, though, and it is expected that a significant amount is donated to good causes.

The Allwyn application seems to have trumped the Camelot bid this time. However, it will be interesting to see how this giant of European Lottery handles the UK National Lottery institution. Despite its dwindling popularity in the face of increased competition, it remains a force in the UK Lottery scene.

Some of Camelot’s changes to the Lotto including adding balls to the draw has seen it stagnate. It was the most popular lottery game in the United Kingdom. However, it is now the poor relation in popularity behind other lottery games like EuroMillions. Part of this is due to the changes that have been made that increased the already significant odds of winning a lottery.

The change in license does not happen immediately. Instead, it will only take place in 2024. That allows Camelot to run the Lotto for an additional two years. As far as we can tell, this does not affect the status of the license to run the EuroMillion Lottery. That license will be up for bidding next, and Camelot has gotten warned that this is more than just a one-horse race.

We are sure that there will be additional shenanigans around the awarding of the Lottery license. In our opinion, it is high time that a fresh injection of ideas and approaches are brought to the National Lottery and Sazka might be the ones to provide this.

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