Big Weekend Lottery Games

This weekend and sees a host of Big Lottery games on offer to players across the world. Of course there is our very own beloved EuroMillion Lottery game which has a jackpot totalling £20,000,000 for this draw after the last draw rolled over.EuroMillions has become the premier lottery game in Europe due to the fact that in most countries that it is played in, winnings are tax-free, and it is a lump sum lottery. That is an important factor as you will see from our descriptions of the other large lottery games happening this weekend. The EuroMillion Lottery draw as ever takes place on Friday evenings.

There is also the EuroJackpot Lottery game which is mainly played by German and Scandinavian Lottery players. This week the lottery game is worth €16 Million after it too rolled over. This particular lottery game is now available to UK Lottery players via our authorized online lottery ticket distributor.

USA Lottery games this week have over $230 Million in jackpots waiting to be won. The big jackpot is on the Mega Millions Lottery game which has a total prize fund of $181,000,000. The Powerball Lottery is for once the smaller of the two jackpot totals with a mere $50,000,000 on offer.

It must be pointed out that although these are massive amounts, winning this lottery will only get a player a little less than half the winning amount. Lottery players need to choose between an annual annuity or cash sum and have to pay taxes on wins. That is a problem that many a lottery player would wish to have. Both of the US Lottery games are multi state lotteries which means that players from all over are able to buy lottery tickets.

Players from all over the world including the United Kingdom are now able to play these USA Lottery games via our authorized Online Lottery ticket distributor found on our home page.

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