Big USA Lotteries Weekend

It is the turn of USA Lotteries this weekend to feature. Two major USA Lottery jackpots are waiting to be won by some lucky lottery players. The larger of the two lottery jackpots on offer is predictably on the popular Powerball Lottery game.

The Powerball Lottery has a massive Jackpot this weekend.

The Powerball Lottery is worth a staggering $165,000,000 this weekend. The draw for the lottery takes place on Saturday, so make sure you get your Powerball Lottery tickets here. This particular multi-state lottery has recently added the state of California to the lottery. That means that the jackpots should grow to be a lot larger and a lot quicker than they have been. California is the most populated state in the USA.

The other USA Lottery game worth playing this weekend is the Mega Millions Lottery. The lottery jackpot for Mega Millions is worth $126 Million, and the draw takes place today. A little-known piece of USA Lottery trivia for you now, the Mega Millions Lottery is the American Lottery that has paid out the largest jackpot. That particular jackpot paid out a massive $656,000,000 as a lottery jackpot.

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