Big Spanish EuroMillions Win

Spanish £109 Million EuroMillions WinIf you did not already know the winner of the massive £109 Million EuroMillions jackpot is a Spanish Lottery player. The Friday 13 draw of the lottery game saw a single ticket win for a player in the suburbs of Madrid pick up what is now the largest Spanish EuroMillions lottery win.

UK players had a distinctly bad run in this particular draw of the lottery game. We are used to seeing British players pick up the major prizes in the larger draws, this particular draw did prove to be the exception though with the best placed UK result being a Match 5 numbers result. Two UK EuroMillion tickets managed to get this which meant a £60,654.60 for the ticket owners.

The Tuesday draw after the big draw on Friday was a roll over which means that the  draw tomorrow is worth £20 Million.The Tuesday draw proved more lucrative for a UK player than the massive draw on Friday. A single UK ticket managed to win £80,481.50 by matching 5 numbers on the draw.

With a £20 Million jackpot on offer this Friday, EuroMillions will once again start picking up steam. We are predicting that the jackpot on the lottery game will go. The pattern that seems to emerge after a run of roll overs is that a series of wins on the game takes place.

As of yet the holder of the owner of the £109 Million jackpot has yet to step forward to claim the prize. This is quite normal for a major winner to take their time to claim the win. We have seen periods of up to two weeks elapse while winners arrange their tax and domicile affairs before claiming the win. The one good thing about being a Spanish winner is that there is no tax liability on the winning amount.

Make sure you have your EuroMillions ticket in place for the lottery draw on Friday which takes place in Paris at 8:30 pm. Even if it is not as large as last weeks Friday EuroMillions jackpot, it is a EuroMillions Draw.

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